Who we are?

TruMark is a business Consultancy Company registered in the United Republic of Tanzania incorporated under the Laws of Tanzania Companies Act (Cap 212 of 2002).

TruMark Deals with Women, Youth and Employees both in formal and informal Sectors. We aim at improving productivity through acquired best practices of professional ethics for individuals and groups looking to improve their careers, businesses and personal life.

Our programs are conducted on a pre-arranged basis whereby we set goals, deliverables and specific timetables so as to meet the target beneficiaries’ desired needs. To that effect, our professional team is committed to deliver the best results through set practices



Provision of professional services to meet the clients’ desired results with cost effective solutions.


TruMark proudly considers integrity, teamwork, respect, open communication and commitment to quality results to be the foundation values of its core operations methodology.


At TruMark we believe that exploration is a vital necessity to problem solving, whereby everyone has the potential to perform well and become a happy person who produces better results.