Training Cosultancy

Employees Training Program

1. Team-building Training Program

The main objectives to build team rapport, strengthen an existing team, build a high-performance team and develop interdependencies in the team.

2. Customer Service Training Program

Equip participants with the right interpersonal skills and attitudes. Aims at ensuring the company’s clients arrive at a satisfactory services and conclusion to their inquiries or complaints.

3. Sales Training Programmes

The program has been designed to provide sales skills and improve sales techniques in a modern way that is utilized to overcome any critical weakness in marketing.

4. Marketing Training Program

This program provides a clear understanding of core marketing concepts, strategies and identifies the necessary elements of a strong and effective marketing plan.

5. Leadership Training Program

Help companies to avoid common mistakes in leadership and increase the odds of success by matching specific leadership skills and traits to the context at hand, while embedding leadership development in real work situations.

6. Organizational Culture Makeover

This program transforms organization culture and help to maximize the impact on both culture and staff engagement. It involves the reengineering the operational processes to maximize output.

7. Performance Improvement Management

The remarkable function of this training is to produce change. It upgrades person’s skill or the addition of a new skill, which in turn brings about the desired change for an organizational performance

Youth Training Program

1. Youth Empowerment Programs (YEP)

TruMark nurtures and assist the youth to identify their worth and purpose, as well as equip them with SMART strategies (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound) on how to get what they want in life.

2. Discover the World

This is a highly empowering training program that has been prepared in an exciting and life-transforming manner in order prepare young adults to make the right choices in education, career, relationships and health, money management and creating lasting wealth and positive impact of social media thus setting value-based goals and remaining focused and avoiding negative influences in their lives.

3. TruMark Youth Camp

TruMark conducts the ultimate youth camp. The key lessons during the camp include but are not limited to achieving outstanding self-confidence, defining ones life’s goals, acquiring better study habits, life survival skills, gaining unwavering focus and follow through on set goals and lots of fun-filled and exciting outdoor activities.

4. Teachers Program

This program has been designed to motivate teachers with a positive attitude; acquire success-conditioning strategies, appreciate their leadership roles as mentors and shapers of their student’s destiny. It creates empowering, motivating and rewarding team spirit.

5. Parents Program

This program aims at empowering parents with skills to become better-equipped intermediaries to their children, strengthening academic and personal life. Parents share parenting skills with the aim of improving the family bonds between themselves, guardians and their children.

Specialized Programs

1. Innovation and Creativity

Aim at improving innovation and developing creative thinking at any workplace. Personnel will learn how to develop creative, innovative and lateral thinking for individuals and work teams.

2. Time Management

This helps in allocating time effectively. The ways in which time is spent and what is accomplished in reflection of current time management skills. Helps to manage time successful in the time-pressured environment and produce effectively.

3. Work-life Balance

This program provides the opportunity to step back, take stock and find ways to make changes by understanding the causes of imbalance in life and helps in finding ways to manage our work overload.

4. Self-Motivation and Personal Development

The success of individuals is pegged on their attitude. This has been designed to enable individuals to undertake a capabilities analysis and maximize their strengths in life.