Training Consultancy

Equipping teams with inspiring workable tool sets, we engage and encourage individuals to become a team, empowering each other to rise above the rest. Through this, we encourage teams to create a positive, engaging, and productive business environment. We empower and enable in order to create a positive team spirit.
Our clients include; USAID Global Health Supply Chain Program (John Snow), ICAP at Columbia University, The Private Agricultural Sector Support Trust (PASS), SWISSAID, I4ID Inclusive Development, Sense International Tanzania, The University of Maryland and Foundation For Civil Society.

We empower and equip professionals, youth, women and other groups with the ability for adaptive and positive behavior, that equips them to respond effectively to the challenges encountered in everyday life.
Our clients include; University of Dar es salaam, The University of Social Works, young professionals, University graduates and entrepreneurs.

We provide hands-on training to encourage and equip groups and individuals and groups with a need for knowledge on financial security, applying knowledge and skills to manage financial resources effectively and in an optimal manner.
Our clients include; National Micro Bank, National Bank of Commerce Bank, emerging and existing entrepreneurs.

We offer tailor made activities, designed to equip and empower young people to develop confidence, sense of purpose in life, to be equipped with a positive outlook on their future, to believe in themselves and to unleash their full potential.
Our clients include; Don Bosco Net, the Green Belt School and the Shalom School.

community Mobilization

Creating, designing and developing campaigns and activation processes, which we communicate based on specified pre-agreed deliverables, messages, branding and themes through an integrated approach, using specific media, depending on the target group.

Our clients include; ICAP of Columbia University, Don Bosco Net Tanzania and Marie Stopes.

We develop events in which we engage audiences and mobilize communities for positive impact. We formulate the event concept and develop the creative designs together with the client.
We plan the overall logistics and conduct a pre-agreed recognized project management approach. TruMark is officially certified by Project Management training providers.
Our clients include; ICAP of Columbia University, National Micro Bank, National Bank of Commerce Bank, Rotary Dar salaam (Health Camp) and Ministry of Labour, Employment & Youth Development.